Unfunded Start Ups Rare As Hens’ Teeth

When you first have a business idea it is generally borne out of that little hobby or talent you’ve gradually practiced and improved on to the point that you, or your pals, think it a good idea to try and make money out of it.  There is also the other route, working for an established company, getting experience in a particular field and then finding another way of doing the same, only better and more beneficial to yourself.    Whichever route you take to starting up a business, there is then the unavoidable need for money to continue the progress.  I can think of only a couple of  folk who have set up a successful businesses – both from back bedrooms, using absolutely no finance from outside sources.  These are rare.  Generally a business loan is needed and for that you need a business plan and working figures first.  Lots of advice also helps.

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