UK Not Cowed By Euro Bully Boys

Time is certainly ticking away in every sense of the word as far as our remaining in the EU is concerned.  After the rather devicive referumdum the other year, there has been a frantic race to try and get a dignified and working ‘divorce’ settlement for us to be able to work and trade without the current restraints.  So folk have been thinking.  It’s obvious that a great deal of head scratching is still going to be happening – our departure date looms very near and there appears to be as much confusion as ever before.  The folk on the other side of the fence are ganging up and beligerently acting more like the bullies we hated them for being.  It’s a comical but very serious mess.  One news pundit said earlier that if there was a second referendeum now, she expected even greater leave votes – to show we are not going to be cowed by bully boy tactics.

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