Rubbing Shoulders In Publcity Clips Only Does Good

One of the more innovative means of showing off to your locality, large or small, what businesses are out there is to become a subsriber to a local business orientated magaazine.   I have one such glossy little number I brought back from the states, based on what is described as the world of paper city.  I can’t see the connction myself, but the articles are all jolly interesting – their business ethos in the states is quite different than here and everyone seems pleased to share in the success of others.  All the time.   I see in the particular edition in front of me that at least three galleries combined together and held a stunning art and jewelry show – the guest list was mghty impressive, including the city mayor, other dignitiries, a sprinkling of minor celebrities and of course, many names who were fans of the designer and his team.  Being featured rubbing shoulders with these industrial or business giants, or with sportsmen who have gone beyond simply brilliant . . . .  This is how the newbie entrpreneur gets that first leg us.

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