Planning To Prosper Needs Care & Daring

Knowing how to grow our business effectively is probably the most difficult thing for newbie start ups.  Having a good idea for a business is one thing.  Maybe you have a talent for making things and it has grown out of that into selling to friends and then expansion has come.  You need to continue

Knowing How To Network & Extend Contacts

I know someone who has been in business with his own companies and for many years he worked from home.  One of the huge army of back bedroom entrenpreneurs – except this chap was a financial advisor and computer/web design geek.  Two completely separate streams of income, which twenty five years ago were easily achieved

Unfunded Start Ups Rare As Hens’ Teeth

When you first have a business idea it is generally borne out of that little hobby or talent you’ve gradually practiced and improved on to the point that you, or your pals, think it a good idea to try and make money out of it.  There is also the other route, working for an established