Getting Into Helpful Borrowing Territory

One of the key things about trying to set up a new company is working out how much finance is going to be needed.  Do you have enough set aside once you give up perhaps employment and rely on this wonderful new scheme to take you through to a gloriously rich lifestyle. . . .  This is all veyr well but without that financial planning in the background, no amount of excitement with the project is going to help.  If you need to borrow funding, is there money in the family that could be utilised and paid back at a later stage?  If not, is there a local business hub that specialises with helping start up businesses with peer to peer lending at a very advantageous rate?   All these newer ideas are out there but you need take long and careful research into the chamber of commerce, rotary clubs, local council schemes to check if anyone can help you without costing the earth.  It’s worth it.

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