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Keep The Flag Flying In Choppy Waters

The UK is entering a very difficult period now.  The brexit deal has been reached with the eu but it looks extremely unlikely it will get passed by the uk parliament – the opposition to it has been growing at a most remarkable pace and it’s almost impossible to imagine enough mps changing their minds

Instant Marketing & Social Media Sells World Wide

Whatever kind of business one has – even if already fledged and about to fly big, careful planning and business marketing is essential to ensure the maximum take up of the product or service is achieved.  Having the most brilliant product or idea is one thing – getting if off the ground or out into

UK Not Cowed By Euro Bully Boys

Time is certainly ticking away in every sense of the word as far as our remaining in the EU is concerned.  After the rather devicive referumdum the other year, there has been a frantic race to try and get a dignified and working ‘divorce’ settlement for us to be able to work and trade without

Getting Into Helpful BorrowingTerritory

One of the key things about trying to set up a new company is working out how much finance is going to be needed.  Do you have enough set aside once you give up perhaps employment and rely on this wonderful new scheme to take you through to a gloriously rich lifestyle. . . . 

Tapping In To Solid Business Experience So Invaluable

When you want to get a grip on business dealings that seem to be slipping beyond your comfort zone, it can be easy to hide your head in the sand, pretend it’s just not happening and then wonder why  your little world implodes further down the line.  This has happened to a chum of ours

Modern Landmark Working Family

Something I recall about my years as a private secretary/personal assistant, was the caring and molly coddling I was expected to do for the boss and his wife.   I must say though that because of the way I was brought up, in a family where our mother was a very definite contributor to the family

Consulting Business Experts Brings Additional Knowledge

Knowing your financial limitations and indeed, obligations, is sometimes a tricky thing.  When you first start out in business, it’s not always obvious which direction your’re going to find yourself going in.  That clever idea formulated over the years in the back bedroom, mabe a computer game, or crafting expertise on something, turns into a

Accessing & How To Use Business Information

If you have a business that is just jogging along, keeping your head above water but not makig a greater splash or impression than that, there comes a time when you need to refresh  your business plans and take stock.  Looking back on where you started and how much you have progressed can sometimes be

Planning To Prosper Needs Care & Daring

Knowing how to grow our business effectively is probably the most difficult thing for newbie start ups.  Having a good idea for a business is one thing.  Maybe you have a talent for making things and it has grown out of that into selling to friends and then expansion has come.  You need to continue

Knowing How To Network & Extend Contacts

I know someone who has been in business with his own companies and for many years he worked from home.  One of the huge army of back bedroom entrenpreneurs – except this chap was a financial advisor and computer/web design geek.  Two completely separate streams of income, which twenty five years ago were easily achieved