Training to remove unconcious bias in work situations

Unconscious bias training is a method used to increase awareness of unconscious biases and reduce their impact on decision-making. It aims to help individuals recognize their own biases and understand the consequences they may have on their judgments or interactions with others. Unconscious biases are automatic, ingrained assumptions, attitudes, or stereotypes that influence our perceptions,

How to Develop Your Leadership Skills During Your Working Life

Leadership skills aren’t something you’re born with. They’ve learned through experience and practice over time. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in your career, developing your leadership skills is something that should be a priority. In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business world, leaders are needed more than ever before. In this blog post,

Keeping UP With Smith, Jones & The Taxman

Ensuring we get our timing right for running business is o very critical these days.  With competition in all areas pretty fierce, it needs a smooth uninterrupted flow of orders in, goods/services out, invoices out followed by payment in. . . .  What is doesn’t need at any point is a hold up to sort

Making Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd

There are so many types of business that can be marketed today – the various methods of doing so vary almost as much as the subject matter too.  I was looking through one of our little trade magazines the other day looking specifically for details of funeral directors – for a pal in need.  I

Fathoming Out Complexities Business Funding

In the old days – that mythical time that is anything before this last ten years then . . . ..  companies would have to find their own funding for developing and producing new products.  The original company product would be a strong item that never goes out of fashion.  There are so many still

Federations Can Offer Mentor Advice On Tap

Knowing how to run any kind of business is a bit startling at first.  No one just thinks of a product, gets hold of one piece and then starts selling overnight.  Everything in business takes a wee while.  You need to research your market for a start – check out whether selling to a student

Keep The Flag Flying In Choppy Waters

The UK is entering a very difficult period now.  The brexit deal has been reached with the eu but it looks extremely unlikely it will get passed by the uk parliament – the opposition to it has been growing at a most remarkable pace and it’s almost impossible to imagine enough mps changing their minds

Instant Marketing & Social Media Sells World Wide

Whatever kind of business one has – even if already fledged and about to fly big, careful planning and business marketing is essential to ensure the maximum take up of the product or service is achieved.  Having the most brilliant product or idea is one thing – getting if off the ground or out into

UK Not Cowed By Euro Bully Boys

Time is certainly ticking away in every sense of the word as far as our remaining in the EU is concerned.  After the rather devicive referumdum the other year, there has been a frantic race to try and get a dignified and working ‘divorce’ settlement for us to be able to work and trade without

Getting Into Helpful Borrowing Territory

One of the key things about trying to set up a new company is working out how much finance is going to be needed.  Do you have enough set aside once you give up perhaps employment and rely on this wonderful new scheme to take you through to a gloriously rich lifestyle. . . .